Taking the Annual Campbeltown Malts Festival to a Global audience.

The Virtual Whisky Festival

The Campbeltown Malts Festival has been a highlight of the whisky lover’s calendar for decades. But in times of social distancing, we were tasked to bring festival goers together, by hosting Glen Scotia’s first ever virtual whisky festival.

Immersing ourselves in The Whiskiest Place in the World.

We created a series of documentary films to bring festival goers closer than ever to Glen Scotia’s award winning whiskies. From virtual walking tours with the distillery manager, to virtual tasting sessions with the master distiller, we gave audiences exclusive access to the Campbeltown distillery without the need for them to leave their homes.

A Festival like never before.

The traditional Campbeltown Malts Festival will see footfall of a few thousand whisky lovers from around the world. By showcasing our world-class content and hosting the 2020 festival online, we generated over 10,000 unique virtual festival visitors, over 85,000 engagements and launched 2 special edition Festival whiskies.

With exclusive tastings, public tours, and local collaborations with musicians and artists, we helped take the uniquely special Campbletown Malts Festival to the global masses.