Shaping the look of Glasgow’s skyline

The Past. The Future.

The Old Metropolitian College building (or the bright pink ‘People Make Glasgow building” if you’re a local) has been an iconic structure in Glasgow’s city centre for decades. We were tasked to create a new brand for the building that would reflect what the building was, and what it was yet to become.

New Building. New Branding.

We created branding inspired by the buildings brutalist design. Breaking up the austere, grey colour palette with shocking pink to take in both sides of the buildings history.  We created textures and design elements that worked with the buildings history and its future. Bringing the brand to life in across brochures, the website, advertising hoarding and more.

Bringing The Brand to Life

Our sister brand TRACE were inspired by our branding to envision the new building with a full CGI animation showcasing the new development, and what the future holds for Glasgow’s skyline.